Rustic getaway in Banting

IMAGINE this: A resort surrounded by limestone hills, peaceful village, farm fields and a lake with water so clear and blue that your eyes hurt from staring too long into it.

Now, digest this: the resort is a mere 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre. I kid you not.

Yes, this is Tadom Hill Resorts in Kuala Langat, Selangor famous for its naturally beautiful surroundings. If you’re flying in to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the resort is 15 minutes’ drive away.

Throughout my two-day, one-night stay at the resort in its Hakka-style bamboo hut, I am not only treated to the resort’s natural beauty but also the wonderful hospitality.

Everywhere I turn, there are friendly workers who greet me and engage in small talk.

A 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, Tadom Hill Resorts offers a no-frills retreat close to nature.


After a fun-filled day at the lake and diving into the waters from a bamboo platform, I look forward to resting in my room. When you’re staying at the resort, forget about the plush bed or the five-star amenities in your room.

At Tadom Hill Resorts, it’s all about the basics and getting close to nature. In my fairly large room, there are two bunk beds that can easily fit four to five people and a double bed that can accommodate two.

The air-conditioned room is as basic as it can get. There’s a rack with hangers. A dressing table is at the far end of the room.

On the floor, there are man-made grass carpets. My only complaint is there is a strong musty smell that doesn’t clear no matter how much I try to air the room. I leave the door open but without much success. Perhaps a window in each room could help alleviate the smell.

The two-storey Hakka Village features communal-style living spaces, inspired by the Hakka community in China. I have to share the toilet with the rest of the families staying here.

For those who can’t bear to take cold showers in the morning, don’t worry. Each bathroom comes with a water heater and body shampoo dispenser. Oh, remember to bring your own towel as the resort do not provide it to guests.

For couples and smaller families, you can opt for the chalets built around the resort. Choose from Gendui Chalet which can sleep up to two or the bamboo tent, built to replicate the plastic tent that campers sleep in.

For backpackers, solo travellers and friends, you can opt for the bamboo hut, which can accommodate 12 at one time.

Hammock Sphere is also available for those who love close-to-nature experience.

Yes, you’ll be sleeping on a hammock tied to bamboo poles, and the only thing that separates you from the person next to you is a curtain.


Dinner is one of the best times at the resort. Employees prepare sumptuous barbecue dinners using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Fresh seafood, vegetables and meat should keep your tummy happy. Also, do try bamboo rice made by steaming the grains in stuffed bamboo containers.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience, featuring bamboo rice and the popular DIY BBQ packages. Choices start from five-pax platter (RM215) to eight-pax platter (RM305). Dishes include lamb slices, dory fish, chicken wings and grilled pumpkin.

Guests can bring their own food at the restaurant

Bamboo is extremely heat-resistant, making it perfect for cooking food on a firepit. Guests can have a go at cooking their own meal. There are also western cuisine and local delicacies, specially made by the Orang Asli community.


Whether it is for leisure or work, the resort caters to every group. If you’re a family looking for a place to spend time together, the resort is perfect for kids.

There are many activities that the kids can indulge in like swimming at the lake or learning more about the Orang Asli and their way of living.

For those who are not planning to stay, purchase the day pass and enjoy all the activities. Photography is welcomed at the resort, be it for personal or commercial use. For the latter, it is advisable to approach one of the friendly workers at the resort to sort out the formality.

Apart from that, if your company is looking for a place for team-building activities, you may want to consider the resort. It offers services for special functions such as corporate retreat and student activities. Rent its hall and venue for photo shoots.

Hakka Village, a two-storey communal living space at the resort

The breathtaking views at Tadom have attracted both local and overseas television and movie production crews, as well as wedding and event photographers. Famous guests include Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok.



Kg Labohan Dagang, Kg Orang Asli Bukit Tadom, Daerah Kuala Langat, Banting, Selangor

TEL 012-522 5908


STAY There are six types of abodes at the resort. Stay in a Hakka Village constructed from locally sourced bamboo, Gendui or Astana Ninik chalets, bamboo hut, hammock spheres or bamboo tents.

EAT Enjoy a one-of-a-kind dining experience, featuring bamboo rice and the popular DIY BBQ packages. Have a go at cooking your own meal. Western cuisine and local delicacies specially made by the Orang Asli community are available.

DO Have a splashing good time at the lake, jump off a bamboo platform or laze on the bamboo chair. Or go ziplining across the lake. Later, hop on the ATV and explore the resort.

GO Wake up early to catch the sunrise at Bukit Tadom, a five minute walk from the resort’s main entrance. Get permission to visit the blue pool behind the hill.

HIGHS Laid-back surroundings with plenty of greenery. Perfect place to relax and catch up with friends and family.

LOWS Lack of signages to the resort.

Article appeared on NST Online.